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Substance Abuse in Kansas City

Substance abuse is a complicated and multifaceted problem, and it rarely arises in a vacuum. Few people wake up with a desire to use drugs. Instead, they often turn to drugs or alcohol in response to co-existing disorders. These co-existing disorders can be almost anything - from an underlying problem with depression and anxiety to things like eating disorders. No matter what the co-existing disorder, dual diagnosis drug rehab in Kansas City and residential treatment facilities recognize this common problem and tailor their treatment plans accordingly. Men and women who enter treatment with co-existing disorders are unlikely to achieve lasting sobriety if their underlying issues are not addressed. Treating the substance abuse is important, of course, but it is only one half of the puzzle.

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

The other half of the drug treatment puzzle is to identify the underlying issues that helped give rise to the abuse of drugs or alcohol in the first place. The dual diagnosis treatment model is designed to do just that - using a variety of different techniques like psychological counseling, pharmaceutical support and talk therapy. By addressing the underlying problem - be it depression, anxiety, PTSD or eating, the dual diagnosis treatment model is designed to address both problems simultaneously. The addict gets help with their drug addiction problem, but they also receive treatment for the co-existing problem that helped give rise to that drug abuse. While many different conditions can be thought of as co-existing with substance abuse, some problems are more common than others. Alcoholism and depression often go hand in hand, as the individual tries to treat their bad feelings with greater and greater amounts of alcohol. Men and women who suffer from depression and anxiety may use prescription drugs in an attempt to make themselves feel better. In other cases an individual suffering from an eating disorder may abuse stimulants in an attempt to control their appetite and lose weight. These drugs can also be highly addictive and potentially dangerous, and in the end they will just make the underlying disorder worse. A fresh start awaits – call addiction treatment centers in Kansas City. You can also visit your local Narcotics Anonymous ( for more support.

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