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An addiction to a prescription medication is just as serious as using cocaine or meth, you need Kansas City Prescription Drug Rehab. You may have started taking a prescription drug for a legitimate reason. For example, you have a bad back. You've always had problems with your back but over the last few years you've gained some weight, making your back problems tenfold. On top of that, with the additional weight your self-esteem is down. Your physician prescribes an anti-depressant for your mental state or a Percocet or Vicodin for your back pain. You may even be seeing two different doctors so you can have both prescriptions, a true warning sign that you need prescription drug rehabilitation. Once you start taking Vicodin for your back, you like how it makes you feel. If you compound that with another prescription like an anti-depressant, you may be mixing two drugs that aren't compatible. If you are seeing different doctors and going to different pharmacies to fill your prescription, your addiction to your prescription is dangerous. Seeking Prescription Drug Rehab Kansas City KS will help you come off of the medication in a safe environment.

What Happens When You Are Addicted to Prescription Medication

Although it is probably refreshing to have your back pain free, you begin taking more than the prescription indicates because you like the feeling the Vicodin gives you. Prescription Drug Rehab Kansas City is intended to help those individuals with an unhealthy use of prescription medication. If you continue taking more than the doctor recommended, you will run out or you may not be able to convince your physician to refill the prescription. Your body is used to the Percocet or Vicodin so what will you do? Now your problems will spread beyond a substance abuse issue. You are resorting to illegally obtaining the medication, another warning sign you need prescription drug rehabilitation. You are at risk of legal troubles along with your addiction. If your other doctor is still prescribing your anti-depressant, your body is absorbing too much and will react accordingly. For example, are you feeling nauseous every day, possibly getting the shakes when you haven't medicated yourself, and you feel lousy? Imagine your body's reaction to the poisonous medications eating at your nervous system. Mixing prescription medications, overdosing on a pain killer, stealing money to buy your pain medicine on the street or even resorting to a harder drug, like meth or heroin, all of these are reasons you need Kansas City Prescription Drug Rehab. You can't quit on your own or you would have already. Get the help you need today by calling Kansas City Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.

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