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Family and Drug Addiction

Addiction is a powerful disease that not only results in a multitude of losses for the addict; it affects the family as well. The mental health and well-being of the addict's family can be disturbed greatly when their loved one has the disease of addiction. The addict's obsession for using is their only priority, leading them to make selfish decisions and causing emotional pain in their relationships.

There are many emotional challenges that occur when dealing with an addict. It is one of the hardest things to see when someone you love does not seem to care about what they're doing to themselves or the people around them. Although they may be lying and stealing, it is not always an easy decision to cut them off and refuse to help. This can cause turbulence in a household, especially between parents if they have different views on what's best for the child. While one may want to take the route of "tough love," the other may be co-dependent, enabling their substance abuse through different types of support.

When dealing with an addict, you must remember that you are dealing with a sick person who is suffering from a potentially fatal disease that has affected their mind and body. They subconsciously believe that the only way they can feel well or normal is by continuing to use, which makes it nearly impossible for them to ask for help for addiction. The addict will often become defensive and possibly verbally abusive when confronted about their addiction, but they do want to get better even though they may not communicate it.

An intervention is sometimes necessary and is one of the last resorts that family and friends may have to turn to in order to help the addict seek the services of a treatment center. An intervention is when the loved ones of the individual sit them down and explain that although they love and care for the addict, they can no longer support that individual unless he or she is willing to go through treatment and recovery. This can be a tough situation, but you can find the assistance you need to help guide you through it. Please call Kansas City Drug Treatment Centers Kansas City Drug Treatment Centers today for more information at (913)-549-5258.

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